Volume 5 – Issue 1
October 2013
Edited by Luke Heemsbergen, Suneel Jethani, and Diana Bossio (guest editor)

Volume 4 – Issue 1
June 2012
Edited by Luke van Ryn and Shujie (Phoebe) Guo

Volume 3 – Issue 1: Media and “Race”
April 2011
Edited by Sandy Watson

Volume 2 – Issue 2: Collaborative Media and Networked Publics
September 2010
Edited by Dale Leorke

Volume 2 – Issue 1
January 2010
Edited by Amira Firdaus

Volume 1: Mediated Mobilities: Negotiating Identities
July 2009
Edited by Esther Chin

Special issues

ANZCA Special Edition 2015
February 2015
Guest edited by Diano Bossio

Young Scholars’ Network of ECREA
November 2011
Guest edited By Benjamin De Cleen, Alenka Jelen, and Julie Uldam

Creative Commons
Dec 2010
Guest edited by Elliott Bledsoe and Jessica Coates

April 2010
Guest edited by Diana Bossio