Vol 9.1 Visuality: Truth and Politics

Editorial: The Visual, The True & The Political PDFvol-9.1-issue-cover
Sophie Freeman, Geoff Hondroudakis, Maria Kamal, Brian McKitrick

Lasers, Mantraps And Alligators: Visualising Physical Security In Data Centre Tour Videos PDF
Samuel Kininmonth

Chinese Video Creator identities – a cross-platform social media perspective PDF
Ziying Meng & Bjørn Nansen

Crowdsourcing Women’s Experiences of Space: Empowerment, (In)Visibility, and Exclusions – A Critical Reading of Safetipin Map PDF
Trang Le

On the Road: Emergent Spatiality in #Vanlife PDF
Lawrence May

Mediating the Social: The Excesses of Racial Representation within (Trans)formative Digital Space PDF
Dorothy Santos

Have Faith and Question Everything: Understanding QAnon’s Allure PDF
Luke Munn

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