About Platform

Platform: Journal of Media and Communication is an open-access online graduate publication. Founded and published by the Media and Communications Program, School of Culture and Communication, at The University of Melbourne, Platform was launched in November 2008.

Platform is refereed by an international board of established and emerging scholars working across diverse paradigms in Media and Communication, and edited by graduate students at the University of Melbourne.

The aims of Platform include:

  • to provide a platform for media and communication graduates to showcase, share and support the work of one another through publication, peer-review and comments
  • to provide a platform for emerging media and communication scholars to build a publication record, and to contribute subsequently to other academic publications
  • to increase scholarly appreciation of the various theoretical and methodological aspects of media and communication research
  • to encourage international awareness and collaboration through the discussion of issues associated with the rising significance of multiple media and communication platforms for societies and individuals across various globalised and localised environments.

Platform invites submissions from PhD and Masters students as well as early career researchers working in the field of Media and Communications. All submissions are double-blind refereed. Platform does not charge authors for publication.

CURRENT EDITORS: Thao Phan (University of Melbourne) & Chris O’Neill (University of Melbourne)

CONTACT: platformjmc@gmail.com

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