platformv5_coverGeneral Section

Editorial, Vol. 5 PDF (414 KB)
Luke Heemsbergen & Suneel Jethani

DDoS Attacks as Political Assemblages PDF (885 KB)
Robbie Fordyce

Public privacy: Reciprocity and Silence PDF (782 KB)
Jenny Kennedy & Esther Milne

Gambling-machines and the Automation of Desire PDF (949 KB)
César Albarrán Torres

Violence in Pop-Culture Media and The Hunger Games as a Prime Artifact PDF (862 KB)
Jenna Benson

Whistleblowing and Digital Technologies: An Interview With Suelette Dreyfus PDF (503 KB)
Luke Heemsbergen

ANZCA Section

ANZCA Editorial, Vol. 5 PDF (400 KB)
Diana Bossio

Communication models of institutional online communities: the role of the ABC cultural intermediary PDF (718 KB)
Jonathon Hutchinson

Hiding in Plain Sight: Street artists online PDF (740 KB)
Kim Barbour

Engaging the disengaged: Swinging voters, political participation and media in Australia PDF (690 KB)
Edwina Throsby

Reporting Islam in Australian Newspapers: the case of the proposed Elermore Vale mosque PDF (707 KB)
Caitlin McGregor

Communication Strategies of the Chinese Dairy Industry Manufacturers to Rebuild Reputation and Maintain a Quality Relationship PDF (1,021 KB)
Dashi Zhang

From Virtue Ethics to Virtuous Corporation Putting Virtues into Business Practice PDF (666 KB)
Ying Wang

Book Reviews

Book Review: Hacking: Digital Media and Technological Determinism (Tim Jordan) PDF (419 KB)
Elliot Burgess

Book Review: Search Engine Society (Alexander Halavais) PDF (404 KB)
Ella Dimasi

Book Review: Personal Connections in The Digital Age (Nancy K. Baym) PDF (414 KB)
Aliya Das Gupta

Book Review: A Private Sphere: Democracy in A Digital Age (Zizi A. Papacharissi) PDF (428 KB)
John Stowell

Download full issue, Vol. 5 PDF (7,252 KB)