Vol. 4

Editorial, Vol. 4 PDF (447 KB)
Luke van Ryn & Shujie (Phoebe) Guo

General Section

The Barriers for proliferation of Interactive Television (iTV) in Australia in the period 1999-2007 PDF (893 KB)
Maria J. Bora

Indian international student safety in Melbourne and the Victoria Police – the development of a crisis and the perceptions that propelled it PDF (945 KB)
Maria Fleming

Critical media studies in times of communicative capitalism: an interview with Jodi Dean PDF (550 KB)
Sebastian Kubitschko

ANZCA Section

Inertia and turbulence: television and innovation in New Zealand’s documentary production ecology PDF (857 KB)
Anna Jackson

Beyond the blog: The networked self of travel bloggers on Twitter PDF (1,720 KB)
Deepti Ruth Azariah

Dancing around the subject with robots: ethical communication as a “triple audiovisual reality” PDF (853 KB)
Eleanor Sandry

Shifting online: An exploratory study into PR consultants’ attitude towards new media PDF (730 KB)
Katharina Wolf & Catherine Archer

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Vol. 3 – Media and “Race”

Editorial Vol. 3, Issue 1 PDF
Sandy Watson

Making The White Folk Angry: The Media, “Race” and Electoral Politics in the United Kingdom in 2010 PDF
David Bates

Post-Raciality or a Re-Imagining of Whiteness? An Interview with Clarence E. Walker PDF
Sandy Watson

“Aussie Humour” Or Racism? Hey Hey It’s Saturday and the Denial of Racism in Online Responses to News Media Articles PDF
Clemence Due

Mediating Diaspora, Identity and Ethnicity: An Interview with Myria Georgiou PDF
Sandy Watson

Book Review: Newsgames: Journalism At Play (Ian Bogost, Simon Ferrari and Bobby Schweizer, 2010) PDF
Daniel Golding

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Vol. 2.2 – Collaborative Media and Networked Publics

Editorial Vol. 2, Issue 2 PDF (245 KB)
Dale Leorke

Crowdsourcing for the Environment: The Case of Brighter Planet PDF (641 KB)
Jeff Biggar

London 2012: Distributed Imag(in)ings and Exploiting Protocol PDF (272 KB)
Paul Caplan

Wikipedia and the Politics of Mass Collaboration PDF (284 KB)
Nathaniel Tkacz

Promoting Civic Engagement Through Ethnic Media PDF (2 MB)
Sherry S. Yu and Daniel Ahadi

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Vol. 2.1

Editorial, Vol. 2 Issue 1 PDF (172 KB)
Amira Firdaus and Dale Leorke

Cultural Globalisation and Challenges to Traditional Communication Theories PDF (324 KB)
Lauren Movius

“Tonight’s Secret Ingredient Is…”: Iron Chef America as Media Ritual PDF (268 KB)
Christopher Bell

Bearing Witness – Between the Professional and the Personal: An Interview with Daniel Dayan PDF (372 KB)
Esther Chin

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Vol. 1 – Mediated Mobilities: Negotiating Identities

Vol. 1 Editorial PDF (228 KB)
Esther Chin. Amira Firdaus, Gin Chee Tong and Blaise Murphet

Reconceptualising ‘Time’ and ‘Space’ in the Era of Electronic Media and Communications PDF (336 KB)
Panayiota Tsatsou

Cultural Deterritorialisation: Communications Technology, Provenance and Place PDF (292 KB)
Aleksandra Bida

Presumed Innocent: The Paradox of ‘Coming of Age’ and the Problem of Youth Sexuality in Lolita and Thirteen PDF (348 KB)
Fleur Gabriel

When the ‘Other’ Becomes ‘Us’: Mediated Representations, ‘Terrorism’ and the ‘War on Terror’ PDF (296 KB)
Rut M. Sanz Sabino

Constructing European Identity through Mediated Difference: A Content Analysis of Turkey’s EU Accession Process in the British Press PDF (788 KB)
Agnes I. Schneeberger

Power, Mobility and Diaspora in the Global City: An Interview with Saskia Sassen PDF (228 KB)
Dale Leorke

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A Creative Commons Special Issue: Yes, We’re Open! Why Open Source, Open Content and Open Access

Editorial, Creative Commons Special Issue PDF (144 KB)
Elliott Bledsoe and Jessica Coates

An Interview with Esther Wojcicki PDF (204 KB)
Elliott Bledsoe and Jessica Coates

The State of the Commons: Case Studies 2010 PDF (2.6 MB)
Rachel Cobcroft

Sharing with Creative Commons: A Business Model for Content Creators PDF (1.3 MB)
Cheryl Foong

Can Open Mean Terbuka? Negotiating Licenses for Indonesian Video Activism PDF (256 KB)
Alexandra Crosby and Ferdiansyah Thajib

Cooperation and Competition in Open Production PDF (288 KB)
Peter Jakobsson

Download full issue, Creative Commons Special IssuePDF (3.8 MB)

Special Issue: Young Scholars’ Network of ECREA

ECREA Editorial 2011 PDF (428 KB)
Benjamin De Cleen, Alenka Jelen and Julie Uldam

Electronic Sport: How progaming negotiates territorial belonging and gender PDF (896 KB)
Janina Maric

Did we ignore the social commentary? Responding to Borat on YouTube PDF (1.1 MB)
Mārtiņš Kaprāns

Public service television’s different ways of dealing with a changed media landscape: A comparison of preelection program formats on Dutchspeaking and Frenchspeaking Belgian public television PDF (1.0 MB)
Eva De Smedt and Anouk Bouckaert

Digital Media as Classified and Classifying: The Case of Young Men in Sweden PDF (1.2 MB)
Martin Danielsson

Planning an academic career: A report on a YECREA panel at the Third European Communication Conference, Hamburg, 2010 PDF (507 KB)
Julie Uldam and Ranjana Das

Download full issue ECREA 2011 Special Edition PDF (3.4 MB)